A more reliable water supply is SMART for all of
Southern California, including the High Desert.

Over the next 50 years, the Cadiz Water Project will add 423 billion gallons of water to Southern California’s limited water supply. That’s enough to meet the annual water needs of everyone in the City of San Bernardino. Or the City of Glendale. Or the cities of Carlsbad and Mission Viejo combined. And it will be available for purchase by water districts all across Southern California, if and when they need additional reliable supplies.

Nearly $1 billion in economic activity

A study by respected economist Dr. John Husing found the Cadiz Water Project will generate more than $878 million in economic activity in San Bernardino County. That’s in addition to the potential for job creation throughout Southern California that the assurance of a more reliable water supply can encourage.

Less Risk of Water Rate Increases

A recent study by the Public Policy Institute of California said, "In the 21st-century economy, water will become increasingly scarce - and increasingly valuable." Having a new, reliable source of water will give water districts a hedge against the rising cost of water imported from the more distant Sacramento Delta and Colorado River.

More than 5,900 new jobs

The Cadiz Water Project will create more than 5,900 jobs over the construction phase, and encourage other new jobs across Southern California due to the economic benefits of a more secure water supply.

Less Likelihood of Increased Taxes

Over the long-term, the project will infuse millions of dollars in new tax revenue to local governments, including more than $5 million each year for the County of San Bernardino. Public agencies across Southern California will also benefit from increased business activity. With municipal budgets hurting, these much-needed funds will lessen the need to increase local taxes to fill the gap.

Less Greenhouse Gas, Less Climate Change

The massive pumps that move water from the Sacramento Delta to Southern California are the biggest electricity users in the state - they even have their own power plants! Cadiz water is more local and won't take as much energy to move.

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What’s not smart is putting our family livelihoods and regional economy at risk by relying on the fragile Sacramento Delta and drought-plagued Colorado River!

"Cadiz is the kind of innovative project that will help Orange County and Southern California reassert our position as to where business wants to be."
-- John Whitman, Chairman, South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce
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